Dr. Joel Fuhrman Talks To Dr. Oz About The Super Immunity Diet

Super Immunity By Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Super Immunity By Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Joel Fuhrman appeared on today’s Dr. Oz Show to talk about his recommended Super Immunity Diet which he claimed will result in “no more pills, no more prescriptions and no more sick days!” He stated that if you change the way you eat, then you will never get sick again. You may even be able to prevent illnesses from the common cold to cancer, as well as lose weight and have a renewed vitality similar to how you felt in your twenties. Significantly, Dr. Fuhrman stated that these recommendations are “science based nutrition.”

If you use your food as medicine, you will be able to fight age-related problems, toxic waste and free radicals which may have built up in the body over time, and which set up the body for diseases and getting sick. The premise of the Super Immunity Diet is to consume the highest concentration of nutrients possible in the foods you eat. Dr. Fuhrman also referred to this as the Nutritarian Diet.

There are 4 key components of the Super Immunity Diet:

1. Base meals on phytonutrient rich foods, such as green vegetables and other vegetables with bright colors.

2. Consume slow absorbing foods or slowly digestible carbohydrates which don’t spike insulin. These foods would include nuts, seeds, beans and steel cut oats.

3. Use meat as a condiment, and make it a small amount of the meal (about 10%).

Although Dr. Fuhrman recommends a plant-based diet, he understood that a total commitment might be difficult for some.

4. Add 10 more chews to every bite.

The average person makes about 15 chews for every bite. Try to make it to 25 chews for every bite. Apparently, people who use their food as medicine chew their greens better. People who chew more eat 10% less food.

Other tips from Dr. Fuhrman included having a hot breakfast with intact grains (such as steel cut oats), salad as a main dish for lunch, and soups and stews for dinner containing slowly digestible starches (such as beans). He also suggested cooking enough on weekends for the whole week.

A couple of women who have been following the Super Immunity Diet were on the show and they talked about their renewed energy, lack of constipation, significant weight losses, and disappearance of migraines, chronic pain and fatigue. One woman was even able to end her prescription drug use.

Dr. Fuhrman talked about using hearty nut-based dressings on salads. These satisfying dressings could be made with nutritional yeast, roasted garlic, soy milk and nuts. He demonstrated how to make his favorite Never Get Sick Chocolate Cake,¬†using a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Dr. Oz added that this cake is “to die for!” You can find the recipe for this chocolate cake on the website of the Dr. Oz Show.

My favorite part of the show was learning Dr. Fuhrman’s two favorite quotes:

“The whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead” and “The more you eat greens, the more you get lean.”

I’ll leave you now to ponder those wise words from the wonderful Dr. Joel Fuhrman.



  1. [ Smiles ] I am all for the total elimination of animal products from one’s diet.

    Let’s face it; the vegan option is the most healthy one there is out there!

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