Gwyneth Paltrow Mocked With Meat At East Hampton Library’s Authors Night

Several renowned authors including Christina Oxenberg, Jay McInerney and Candace Bushnell appeared at East Hampton Library’s Authors Night this past weekend for a fundraiser. According to a New York Post article, they were not happy when Gwyneth Paltrow stole their limelight by appearing with her family and entourage to promote her cookbook It’s All Good. Sour grapes? I think so. How did one author handle it? By placing stinky meat products near Gwyneth’s table and publicly mocking her vegan lifestyle. And Gwyneth is not even a vegan! 

Gwyneth Paltrow At Author's Night In East Hampton

Gwyneth Paltrow At Author’s Night In East Hampton

It’s not that I’m a huge Gwyneth-lover coming to her defense. She clearly doesn’t need my help. But what’s with all the vegan bashing? Why do these writers feel compelled to portray veganism as a trendy diet for privileged celebrities? They are authors, after all. Shouldn’t they be well-read? Didn’t they read bestsellers such as The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Eating Animals by the well-respected author Jonathan Safran Foer? I guess not. Maybe they just don’t care about issues of health, the environment, and animal cruelty. Or maybe they don’t read books other than their own. Tsk tsk!

Author Christina Oxenberg, who was seated at the table next to Gwyneth at the event to promote her book Life Is Short (and hers may very well be if she continues eating meat), described her frustration on her blog when an influx of Gwyneth “worshippers” appeared and “blocked her view of the whole world.” Oxenberg said she left her post to go to the food table to load up on “sloppy hamburgers” and “stinky steak sandwiches.” She further stated that she was forced to crawl under the table to get back to her post due to Gwyneth’s big bodyguards blocking her re-entry.

“And there I sat with my meat products, wafting the excellent smells toward my sleek vegan neighbor. She ignored the siren smells of protein. We never did say hello, although I did try to sell my book to her sleek vegan children. No bites.”

Author Jay McInerney who was also at the event to promote his third wine book The Juice, also had some cutting words about Gwyneth’s presence that evening. Linking to Ms. Oxenberg’s  post, he tweeted…

“Authors Night at East Hampton Library hijacked by movie stars with ghost-written cookbooks.”

Sex And The City author Candace Bushnell, retweeted Ms. Oxenberg’s article with the words…

“Author’s worst nightmare: sitting next to Gwyneth at a signing. Hysterical.”

These authors may think they are quite funny, but I think they missed the boat. Placing meat products next to a supposedly vegan person as revenge is not so hysterical. Is it? In my opinion, their “worst nightmares” should be their lack of knowledge about the overwhelming scientific evidence in favor of a vegan diet, their apparent failure to read bestselling books on matters of health and world issues, and their weak journalistic skills. Why can’t they just get it right? Gwyneth is NOT VEGAN!

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  1. Yes to everything you said! Instead of being embarrassed by their lack of knowledge (about the lifestyle of their competition AND the truth about eating a S.A.D. diet), they flaunt it to rile up the less-enlightened crowd. Sour grapes indeed.

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