Hippocrates Health Institute’s Dr. Brian Clement Offers Exclusive 3-Day Seminar On Long Island

Please don’t miss this “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Brian Clement, director of the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, at a 3-day health and wellness seminar which will be held at Adelphi University, 1 South Avenue in Garden City, New York on January 4-6, 2013. Dr. Clement is a true pioneer in the field of health and wellness and his exclusive in-depth seminar will provide you with the perfect chance to take charge of your health in the New Year.

Dr. Clement has spearheaded the international progressive health movement for over 35 years. As director of the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in West Palm Beach, Florida, the world’s foremost complementary residential health center, Dr. Clement has conducted daily clinical research concerning health maintenance, active aging, disease prevention, recovery and reversal. As far as I’m concerned, this makes him the “go-to” guy with all the answers on how to transform your health and your life.

The HHI’s philosophy is founded on the belief that a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet, complimented by exercise, positive thinking and non-invasive therapies, are integral to optimum health. Some of you may recognize this philosophy as the “raw food” movement. Although I am not a raw foodist (yet), it makes total sense to me that flooding your body with living, enzyme-rich plant based foods is a good thing. Actually, this way of life seems like much more than just a “good” thing- it sounds like a “great” thing! And what better way to ring in the New Year than by taking charge of your health at an exclusive in-depth seminar with the expert himself?

I was extremely lucky to obtain this interview with the very knowledgeable and highly inspirational leader in the field of healthcare, Dr. Brian Clement. Check it out!


ME: What is your background in the field of health and wellness?

DR. CLEMENT: I have spent more than three decades studying nutrition and natural healthcare. I have received graduate degrees in both naturopathic and nutritional science. Since 1980, I have directed HHI’s growth and development and facilitated the implementation of progressive natural health treatments including the Living Food Diet, Wheatgrass Therapy and the essentials of Mind-Body Therapies.

What is the Hippocrates Health Institute and why would one choose to go there?

The Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) philosophy is founded on the belief that a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet – complimented by exercise, positive thinking and non-invasive therapies – are integral to optimum health. HHI believes that good health is every person’s birthright, and that a life free of disease and pain is our human legacy.

A visit to the HHI provides a truly life-changing experience; with education comes empowerment. The HHI Life Transformation Program provides the fundamental training and a definitive blueprint for transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Resting among 50 acres of tropical woodlands in Southern Florida, HHI offers a serene setting in which to heal, nurture and develop into one’s fullest potential.

Could you briefly describe some of the positive changes you have witnessed in those who have adopted a vegan raw foods lifestyle through the Hippocrates Health Institute plan?

Guests come to HHI from all over the world for any number of reasons, but all seek the same thing: a long and healthy life. In addition, individuals following the HHI program have successfully reversed any number of health challenges, including all forms of cancer, Type 2 diabetes, unhealed broken bones, excess weight, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Exhaustion, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and many, many more.

I have heard raw foodists state that their diets have dramatically enhanced their appearance, some claiming that going raw is better than getting a facelift. Do you have any comments in this regard?

Our skin is the biggest organ in the body. Healthy skin, as with everything else in our body, starts with the food we eat. Preparing food properly is just as important as eating the right food in its most nutritious form. Digestion is simply defined as the process in which food is taken in, food is used and food is eliminated. While few people have problems with the first step, the last two are often proven disastrous. Toxins in our environment can also challenge that process as can the remedies we use for our health and to beautify our skin – drugs and cosmetics. When our bodies put food to use, it puts the stuff that can’t be broken down, excreted or stored into our skin and fat cells. This is also where toxins, free radicals and cancer cells are stored.

When eating a raw vegan diet, radiance gets under your skin, delivering nutrients and removing wastes through the blood and lymphatic capillaries resulting in glowing, healthy skin.

I have read some books about people who have reversed their serious health issues by adopting a vegan macrobiotic diet. What are your opinions concerning a vegan macrobiotic diet vs. a vegan raw foods diet?

40 years ago when I was a macrobiotic I worked closely with Michio Kushi, the leader of the macrobiotic movement. Along with a colleague, I helped to write “The Macrobiotic Way.” A good part of that lifestyle is what they remove (dairy, meat, processed foods, etc.), the bad part is what they tell you to eat such as over seasoned, over cooked, high carb, reduced nutrition fare. The honeymoon that people receive when giving up standard western diets and high caloric intake is how some successes have come in fighting disease. The Hippocrates living/raw diet which is completely organic, plant-based and unprocessed or cooked in any way, offers the plethora of known nutrients, anti-oxidants, hormones, phyto-nutrients and enzymes that the body requires to prevent and fight disease. For nearly 60 years working with hundreds of thousands around the globe, we have had more people adopt the program and reverse their own disease than any other center in human history.

Do you  believe that a vegan raw foods diet is safe for babies and children?

Not only do we know proper raw plant based diets are health building including for the brain, we have guided thousands of families including children and monitored them exposing the full spectrum of benefits that these children in their developmental years gain. Dr. Anna and I have raised 4 of our own and now have 3 grandchildren.

Do you advocate a raw plant-based diet for athletes?

Some of the top athletes consume the Hippocrates living/raw food diet. One of the most notable is Venus Williams, who is flourishing on this proven cuisine and recently won at both Wimbledon and the Olympics.

Do you believe that one can override their genetics with a raw vegan lifestyle?

When speaking to geneticists and enlightened physicians, we all concur that less than 5% of disease stems from genetics. This leaves 95% to environment and lifestyle. Unhealthy living can change the chromosomes like a snapshot but not alter heritage.

How difficult is it to maintain a vegan raw foods diet in the world outside of the Hippocrates Health Institute?

When one chooses to respect their life and health, it is quite easy to live in a raw/living way. The superior foods are available everywhere from a supermarket to health store to raw restaurants globally. Many places in the world even offer such healthy choices at airports.

Briefly describe the topics you will be discussing at your upcoming 3 day seminar at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York.

A few of the topics I will be covering are:

-Foods that truly support your health and which don’t

-Supplements you must take & which to avoid

-Lifestyle choices that are a health concern and choices you can make to maintain your health; you CAN override your genetics!

You can REGISTER on line for Dr. Clements upcoming 3-day seminar at Adelphi University at or call 516-921-1417 for more information.

I thought you might enjoy this video clip of Dr. Clements addressing some interesting comments and questions from viewers. I found it very interesting! Gee whiz; I’m suddenly in the mood for a green juice!


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