Real Food Daily Coming To LAX

imagesIn this month’s Vegetarian Times, editor Elizabeth Turner divulges a “tasty tip.” Real Food Daily, Los Angeles’s beloved organic vegan restaurant, will be opening up a location at the Los Angeles International Airport in August. This will be America’s very first all-vegetarian airport restaurant.

You will find the new Real Food Daily in LAX’s Terminal 4, home of American Airlines, American Eagle and Qantas, in the brand-new food court where once stood a Chili’s and Burger King.

Real Food Daily is owned by Ann Gentry, a pioneer in the green movement. Real Food Daily’s new location at LAX will be the fourth one in Southern California, with others in Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Pasadena.

Hopefully, other airports will follow the lead of LAX to meet the demands of the growing vegan community. Who says vegan isn’t going mainstream?

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Obviously, they will now have to revise this list to move LAX from the #10 to the #1 spot!

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  1. Chris Jacobson says:

    I still haven’t heard about the opening of RFD at LAX, any inside info on when it’s happening?

  2. vegan yokel says:

    I haven’t heard of Real Food Daily before but it sounds like a good thing. I hope that the ‘organic’ tag doesn’t mean expensive prices (or any more expensive than airport prices usually are), but if it is filling a space where there was once a Burger King then that is even better. The way to get a vegan diet into the mainstream is precisely that, though hopefully without the same degree of wasteful packaging that Burger King etc generate. It would be great to have a Real Food Daily at my nearest major airport, BHX (Birmingham International), in England

  3. vegan in vegas says:

    Still not showing up on their website. Guess it was just a rumor.

  4. Chris Jacobson says:


  1. […] the show, it was announced that Real Food Daily has finally opened up its location at LAX. […]

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