Simon Cowell Shows Compassion For Dolphins And Whales

Unknown-1It’s nothing short of heart wrenching to watch Simon Cowell tear into performers with his harsh criticisms on his popular show The X Factor. How could he be so mean? Doesn’t he realize how hard it is for those courageous artists to take center stage in front of millions of people? I’ve often wondered if mean old Simon has any empathy at all, or if he’s just a heartless brute. But then again, would watching The X Factor be any fun without Simon’s brutal honesty? Do you think he’s simply putting on a show of his own to attract more viewers?

Well, if you’ve been following Simon on Twitter lately, you may have come to realize (as I did) that nasty Simon may not be so nasty after all!


Let me fill you in…

Apparently, portions of a preview clip from an episode of The Xtra Factor (an X Factor spin-off show) showed the final six boys of the competition attending a dolphin show and swimming with the animals. As a result, Mr. Simon was slammed by animal rights’ advocates.

In response to the controversy, Simon posted the following on Twitter

“Reading your tweets.”

“I had no idea Xtra Factor producers filmed with dolphins. This will NOT be showed on Saturday.”

“I think you all know my view on cruelty to animals so thank you all for your concern.”

Yes, Simon Cowell clearly has compassion for animals, and has been a supporter of PETA by lending his name and image to anti-fur campaigns.

UnknownTo further prove his devotion to the animals, Simon took The Xtra Factor controversy even further by tweeting about a new project addressing the issues surrounding dolphin and whale captivity

“I hope to announce a project in the near future which will bring the issues of dolphins and whales in captivity to a mass audience.”

Although I cannot imagine how such a project would be presented by Simon (singing porpoises maybe?), I do support Simon and I respect his show of morality and good intentions.

images-1As you may know, Simon adores his dogs “Squiddly” and “Diddly,” and he likes to tweet about them too!


images-3Aaawwh! Simon may just be a mush after all. What do you think?

Image 10-12-14 at 7.42 PM

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Love, Debby




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    Go Vegan Simon!

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