The Truth About Soy: Is It Healthy Or Dangerous?

Unknown-4Kristin Kirkpatrick, dietician for The Cleveland Clinic, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show today to discuss The Truth About Soy: Is It Healthy Or Dangerous? Ms. Kirkpatrick’s emphatic answer to this question was “yes, soy is healthy!” She further stated that soy foods such as tofu and tempeh have been dietary staples in Asia for ages, and has been described as a “near perfect food.”

Soy is a complete plant-based protein which can help lower cholesterol, and prevent heart disease and cancer. Although soy has been given a bad rap in the headlines, the evidence points towards its many benefits. In fact, regular consumption of soy reduces the risks of breast cancer and the recurrence of breast cancer. It does not increase the risk, contrary to popular belief. Furthermore, soy does not cause hypothyroidism as many people erroneously believe.

The key to soy consumption is to consume it in its most natural or whole form. Good sources of soy would be edamame, tofu and tempeh. Poor sources would include processed soy such as the soy protein isolates found in processed food bars. Ms. Kirkpatrick was adamant that good sources of soy protein are a much better option for heart health than meat.

I highly suggest that you watch this very informative segment which clarifies the ongoing soy controversy.

Click here to view this segment of The Dr. Oz Show.


  1. I find the article by John Robbins on the issue to be very informative and open :http://www.johnrobbins.info/what-about-soy/

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