Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Major League Ballparks For 2013

Baseball season is in full swing, so it’s great to know that some of our major league ballparks are providing fans with vegetarian options in addition to the old reliable “peanuts and Cracker Jacks.” Thankfully, PETA came out with this list for 2013 of the Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Major League Ballparks.

UnknownHere is the countdown starting with the ballpark in 10th place…

10. Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field has some nice vegetarian options, including veggie dogs, Sloppy Janes (vegetarian versions of Sloppy Joes) and fresh vegetable wraps.

9. San Diego Padres’ PETCO Park

PETCO Park’s vegetarian options include grilled tofu wraps, veggie burgers, hummus, vegetable sushi, and more.

8. Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park

The vegetarian fare at Fenway includes vegetable sushi, meat-free burritos, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, and hummus. Wow, even the Green Monster is getting greener!


7. New York Mets’ Citi Field

Citi Field offers veggie dogs, vegetable sushi, vegetarian tacos, veggie burgers and freshly sliced mango dusted with chili powder.

Click here to see my in-depth review of the vegan options at Citi Field. Let’s go Mets!

6. Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field

Mariners fans can choose from vegan chili cheese dogs, vegan Bao-Choi Asian-style steamed buns (stuffed with veggies, spices, and vegan mayo), and vegan frankfurters.

5. Los Angeles Angels’ Angel Stadium of Anaheim

The Angel’s star-studded lineup includes vegetarian sushi rolls, black-bean burgers, veggie dogs, and veggie burritos.

4. San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park

The Most Valuable Players in the AT&T Park’s concession stands this year are the new Field Roast artisan vegetarian sausages, vegetarian rice bowls, and meat-free tacos.


3. Washington Nationals’ Nationals Park

Nationals Park offers Sloppy Janes, veggie chili with faux ground beef, and falafel.

2. Detroit Tigers’ Comerica Park

Comerica Park clearly deserves the #2 spot with its wide variety of vegetarian options including an Italian mock sausage, a vegan Riblet sandwich, a veggie dog, black bean burger, vegetarian sushi, and other meat-free favorites.


1. Philadelphia Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park

This is the second year in a row that Citizens Bank Park took the top spot thanks to its faux-chicken patty, faux chicken-steak, faux “pit beef” smothered in barbecue sauce, and other delicious vegetarian fare.

Unknown-3Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park for being recognized by PETA as being the #1 ballpark with the most exceptional array of delicious and healthy meat-free fare!


  1. Ellen Francis says:

    I was wondering if I would see Dodgers Stadium on this list and I’m not surprised it isn’t. The veggie options are pretty minimal. There’s a veggie dog which could be alot better. There’s a small area for salads but basically it’s time Dodger Stadium stepped up to the veggie plate— LA is a great place for veggie food but not if you’re watching the Dodgers play, unfortunately!!


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