Wolfgang Puck Cooks Vegan For The Oscars!

Although Wolfgang Puck has been cooking for the Governor’s Ball at the Oscars for 19 years, this is the first year that he will be preparing a vegan spread. Today, he appeared on The Ellen Show showcasing his vegan Oscar foods which will include Oscar-shaped flatbreads with lentil spread, massaged kale salad on top of a date puree, brown rice risotto with black truffles and an array of assorted desserts. Think vegan chocolate mousse and berry cobbler!

Awesome! Now we know what all those vegan movie stars will be eating after the show! Vegan really is going mainstream, isn’t it?

Here’s a video clip showing how to make Wolfgang’s “Oscar” Kale Salad …




  1. OMG! I want his kale and Risotto recipes! Date puree??? Sounds great!!!!!

  2. Debby, was it your site that spoke about Morrissey getting the Staples Center in LA to serve only vegetarian food during his performance?

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