Golden Globes Chefs Proudly Cater to Veggie-Voracious Stars

2D11062737-today-golden-globes-menu-140108-01.blocks_desktop_mediumHollywood gathers tonight to celebrate each other while we eagerly watch and enjoy but I, for one, will be wondering what deliciousness they are being served. (Besides drooling over the gorgeous gowns, jewels, hair and makeup, of course!) Vegan and vegetarians celebrities abound but perhaps even the omnivores will be tempted by the chef’s veggie creations.

As reported on The Today Show, the appetizer, explained executive chef Suki Sugiura, will be served in three “compartments”:

• grilled eggplant with sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and hummus on seared tomato

• a mini sweet pepper with feta cheese, pomegranate, herbs and California olive oil on grilled pita

• a grilled artichoke on multigrain tabbouleh and tahini

Unknown-2Executive sous chef Chris O’Connell told TODAY. “When we do a vegetarian dish, we try to make it gluten-free and vegan to take care of everything in one shot….My banquet chef and I came up with a vegan moussaka, so we do the grilled eggplant, we use coconut milk and thicken it with corn starch or soy almond milk, and layer it with various vegetables.”  This sounds like a dish that I’d like to try if they would be willing to give us a peek at the recipe.

TODAY reports that “although they don’t know ahead of time just how many people will request the vegan option, they have a pretty good formula on the size of the group. In an event like the Golden Globes, say (they) seat 1300 people, (they’ll) probably do 150-160 vegan/vegetarian dishes.


Since surf and turf will be the entree being prepared and offered to the glittering glitzy group, veggie-lovers will be tastily taken care of, as well. Ali Berman, of Ecorazzi, contacted the show and found out that “vegetarians will be dining in style with a baked white miso organic honey glazed vegetarian patty with California winter vegetables and roasted tomato herbs sauce.”

Golden-Globes-foodWe agree with Ali Berman when she commented that if they had just substituted the honey in the miso glaze, the strictest of vegans could have been happily accommodated too. Dark agave or maple syrup may have done just wonderfully. “Bravo” for the effort, thought and consideration for people who are subscribing to a plant-based diet!.

Vegan American Princess would love to know how many guests order the veggie option and how the sumptuous appetizer (sans feta) pleased their discriminating palates.


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  1. Thumbs up, Iam so happy to see this! The more it becomes user friendly the easier it will be finding something to eat, as well as reap the health benefits. 11 years vegetarian / vegan.

    • When food is prepared beautifully and deliciously, non-vegans will love it and think, “Wow, this is a lot better than I expected! I could do this!”

  2. I want to try recreating these dishes! I’m so happy that they try to accommodate vegans, and I bet the number of people requesting the veg meal just continues to increase astronomically. We can at least hope! (And also hope that the ‘honey-glaze’ didn’t actually involve honey. What a wasted effort that would be, to have the good intentions thwarted by the thing many people still don’t realize isn’t vegan.)

    • Dear Randi! You and I were thinking along the same lines—I thought it would be great to recreate these menu items and have a little mini golden globes dinner right in my own house—including all that wine they were all getting bombed on! I just checked out your laughfrodisiac.com website and I am a huge Friends fan also!! Love your idea to veganize the moistmaker and the tartlets! Have you tried Monica’s chocolate candy or Pheobe’s grandmother’s cookies?

  3. I’m so glad celebrities are demanding vegan and other veg options. I think the chefs enjoy the challenge, too.

    • Hi Melanie!
      I think if the vegan and vegetarian dishes look fantastic then people don’t feel like they’re missing out on anything and they like being healthy! Thank you for reading and posting a comment! We love knowing what our readers are thinking!

  4. Michael Suchman says:

    Feta cheese?!? Since when is that vegan? Go 100% vegan on the veg menu so everyone can eat it.


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