Wolfgang Puck Goes Vegan for the Oscars, Again…and Jared Leto Whips Up His Vegan Pancakes!


The Oscar Awards this year will be as exciting as ever, but what excites me as much as drooling over the beautiful gowns and the excitement of cheering for my favorite movies is the news that Wolfgang Puck will be offering wonderful vegan dishes on the menu of the Famed Governor’s Ball. According to Ecorazzi, Wolfgang has made sure that everyone, including vegans and vegetarians, will have delicious food to eat.

“Wolfgang Puck said about the magnificent feast he planned, ‘We have risotto with black truffles. We have some great pasta dishes; some wonderful rice noodles like some Chinese style rice noodles with vegetables for the vegan people; for the vegetarian people so there will be something FOR everybody.’ ”

This will be the 20th year in a row that Puck is cooking for this massive event. Last year’s plant-based menu items included vegetable spring rolls, rosemary spiced nuts, edamame guacamole, Japanese baby peach salad, Chinese mustard dressing kale salad with grilled artichokes and lemon vinaigrette, lentils with cauliflower and baby vegetables, and for dessert shaved espresso ice. I’m salivating just thinking about this gorgeous spread. Seems like Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Joaquin Phoenix and sometimes-vegan Hugh Jackman must have been very pleased to be catered to so lavishly in 2013.

shutterstock_158864045-592x394Jared Leto, up for Best Supporting Role in “Dallas Buyers Club,” is possibly this year’s most vocal vegan—he told the Hollywood Reporter that he celebrated his nomination by “making some vegan pancakes.” He told British GQ Magazine last year that he’s been vegan/vegetarian for 20 years and attributes his diet for one of the reasons he’s stays so young looking and young feeling. Apparently these vegan pancakes are quite infamous in their own right. Check out this funny video of Jared, and members from his band Thirty Seconds to Mars, demonstrating…


jared-leto-592x351Jared, how about offering that crepe-like pancake recipe to Vegan American Princess? We’d love to feature it! Good luck on Sunday night! Your performance as Rayon in “Dallas Buyer’s Club” was nothing short of spectacular.

Bravo to Wolfgang Puck for showing the world once again that vegan food food can be beautifully and deliciously prepared!

Enjoy the show and make a vegan feast of your own to accompany it! We’ve got plenty of fabulous recipes for your Oscar celebration!

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Enjoy! xox Ellen



  1. Christine Kapetan says:

    So Happy to see more evolution in the vegan food and apparel arenas. I’d love to see a ban on animal testing in this lifetime. Thanks for being vocal. You have my vote. 😉 Christine

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