How To Be A Morning Vegan

imagesFor me, becoming a vegan was an easy decision. Once I became educated about the many benefits of living a vegan lifestyle, I plunged head first into the ocean without looking back. I realize that this is not the case for everyone, and that the mere thought of completely changing your lifestyle can be daunting. Ellen describes her transition into veganism as a slow and gradual process which she started by dipping her toes into the water.

If you are flirting with the idea of becoming vegan, or simply want to live a more plant-based lifestyle without a full commitment, may I suggest becoming vegan for only part of each day to see how it works for you? After all, this method has been working wonders for New York Times food writer Mark Bittman, who has been following a vegan diet every day until 6pm (VB 6: Eat Vegan Before 6) for six years. By eating more plant-based, Mr. Bittman lost enough weight to improve his overall health, thereby avoiding the diabetes and cardiovascular issues towards which he claims he was heading.

Why give veganism a test run only with your food? How about experimenting with your clothing, accessories, and style and beauty products too? Don’t underestimate how wonderful you might feel knowing that you are using cruelty-free products, even if you only make some small changes to your daily routine.

To help you get started, I devised a morning routine with a few breakfast suggestions and recommendations for some of my favorite vegan products. How about giving it a try to see if you can become a “morning vegan?”


Why not begin your day by using an all-natural vegan toothpaste? This is a great idea even if you have no intentions of ever becoming a vegan. Who wants to swallow unnatural or toxic substances every time you brush your teeth? I have been using Jason’s Sea Fresh All Natural Sea-Sourced Toothpaste for many years. It’s made with certified organic ingredients and has a great “spearmint-y” flavor. There are other great brands that make vegan toothpastes such as Tom’s of Maine, and it’s just a matter of finding one that you like. I purchase my Jason’s toothpaste at Whole Foods, but you can buy this toothpaste at other retailers or online at Vegan Essentials.

JasonSeaFreshLgHow about using a vegan facial soap, and body wash during your morning shower? My two favorite facial bar soaps are Nubian Heritage’s African Black Soap and Nubian Heritage’s Shea Butter Soap. Not all of Nubian’s soaps are vegan, but these soaps are.

Image 9-12-13 at 9.32 PMI also love Nubian Heritage’s African Black Soap Body Wash and John Master’s Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash. Both have really nice scents, and they leave me feeling fresh and clean.

Image 9-12-13 at 9.46 PMThere are many vegan hair products that I love, but my #1 personal favorite shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment come from Alterna’s Bamboo Anti-Frizz line.

Image 9-12-13 at 10.10 PMAfter my morning shower, I apply my favorite Naturally Fresh Roll-On Deodorant Crystals to my underarms. I swear by this stuff, and I like all of their available scents. The unscented one is great too!

RO-OB10Applying a facial moisturizer is essential after you wash your face, and I support the product recommended by Veg News which is Earth Science Almond-Aloe Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. Veg News states that this moisturizer is super light, non-greasy, and is perfect for day or night.

2012071606210756515_medThere are so many fabulous makeup brands which are either all-vegan, or carry vegan lines. These brands include Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and Josie Maran. However, my #1 favorite cruelty-free cosmetics come from Tarte CosmeticsTarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer, Mineral Bronzer (Park Avenue Princess), and Lip Surgence Matte Lip Tints are the morning cosmetics which I use religiously every day.

Image 9-12-13 at 10.25 PMAfter I’m finished showering and grooming myself, it’s time to get dressed. You can choose to wear leather, silk, wool, or other animal products, or you can opt to wear cruelty-free clothing and accessories. There are so many brands to choose from, but I have my #1 favorites. I love Stella McCartney handbags, shoes by Melissa, Cri de Coeur and Olsen Haus, and pleather clothing by Free People. With these options, and so many others, you can dress cruelty-free and be fashionable too!

Free People Vegan Leather Metallics Jacket

Free People Vegan Leather Metallics Jacket


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After you’re dressed and ready for the day, it’s time for breakfast. There are so many Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas, such as steel-cut oatmeal, Gwyneth’s Simple Avocado Toast, Engine 2 Rip’s Big Bowl Cereal with your favorite non-dairy milk, a freshly made or cold-pressed bottled Green Juice, Vigilant Eats Organic Superfood Cereal, Scrambled Tofu, or just a few pieces of fruit. If you are not rushing out the door, consider making Laura Theodore’s Rocky Mountain Toast.

Image 9-12-13 at 11.03 PMClick here for more great vegan breakfast suggestions.

You can have your favorite organic coffee with non-dairy milk, or your favorite non-dairy creamer. My #1 favorite vegan coffee creamer is Wildwood’s Organic Soymilk Creamer. It’s very rich and creamy, and leaves no aftertaste.

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After breakfast, you can head off to work with a great eco-friendly vegan briefcase from Matt & Nat. For your morning commute (unless you’re driving or riding a bicycle to work, of course), you can download some great books onto your tablet such as Veganist by Kathy Freston and Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals by Rory Freedman, or an informative DVD such as Vegucated.

Matt & Nat Vegan Soren Briefcase in Cognac

Matt & Nat Vegan Soren Briefcase in Cognac

I recommend packing some late morning vegan snacks in that cool vegan briefcase. What about some almonds, seaweed snacks, dark chocolate, rice crackers or sugar snap peas?


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When you finally get to work after an entire morning of vegan stuff, you can start to think about that tunafish sandwich or huge burger with fries that you’re going to have for lunch…only kidding!!!!

How about it? What do you think? Can you be a morning vegan? I’d really love to know!





  1. Deb, you know that I love this approach because I can relate to it so personally. For the vegan toe-dipper, I also suggest not throwing out everything in your cupboards and bathroom but when you run out of a food product or bath and beauty item, replace it with a vegan item. Slowly, you will be eating, trying and using all kinds of new products and opening yourself up to a whole new world that you didn’t even know existed!

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