Is Zappos Going Vegan?


When huge, mainstream companies devote special website space to promote and sell vegan products, then we can all celebrate and applaud! Zappos, the online footwear and accessories giant, has specifically targeted the growing vegan market on their site and it is a joy to behold. But that’s not all!

Have you had the experience of going onto a site, typing “vegan” into the search bar and watching “0 items found” pop up, disappointingly. Of course, you can try “faux leather” or “man-made materials” and sometimes that works. I guess the problem in finding vegan items at mainstream sites is two-fold: either the manufacturer or the site has not identified the item as vegan, man-made, faux leather or any wording to allow it to be searched that way. I hope that will start changing!

I thought I heard angels singing when I typed “vegan” into the Zappos site! This is what came up:



For those who have tried, finding non-leather, vegan shoes can be a daunting, almost impossible task. For those kind individuals that endeavor to live a more compassionate lifestyle, Zappos.com offers a collection of animal-friendly shoes for ethical peace of mind.

Choosing to live a vegan lifestyle has never been easier. In recent years, vegetarian shoes and products have come a long way. With advances in synthetic manufacturing, non-leather goods and materials are now virtually identical to their genuine counterparts. Leather no longer means luxury! With a wide variety of dress, athletic, and casual styles to choose from, you’re bound to find just the right pair of vegan shoes, whatever the occasion.

At Zappos.com you’ll find classic designs from Saucony® for men and women. Before heading out to the yoga studio, grab a pair of Sanuk™ sandals to slip in to. Simple® offers a large number of styles for the whole family. Enjoy a nature walk in a pair of Keen® sneakers. You no longer have to feel limited when you want to stick with what’s vegan.”

How wonderful and supportive and forward-thinking! Under the Zappos Vegan heading, I found that there were a total of  790 vegan footwear items comprised of 34 brands, for men, women and children. Plus there’s plenty more clothing and accessories items under the vegan description! If you haven’t shopped at Zappos.com, then you are missing out on a superior shopping experience with their extremely appealing and popular 365-day a year free shipping and returns.

To check out Zappos.com’s Vegan message and their assortment of vegan footwear, click on this link or on the image and type in “vegan” in the search box, and enjoy the magic that happens!


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    Aniqa Dreams


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