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Jerry Seinfeld Interviews Stella McCartney

Jerry Seinfeld Interviews Stella McCartney

Jerry Seinfeld, always angling for a funny spin on most matters, joked with Stella McCartney at Lincoln’s Center 2nd Annual Corporate Fund event, in which she was being honored and presented with the Women’s Leadership Award. Stella is arguably as famous for devoting her life to preventing cruelty to animals as she is for being a fabulously successful clothing designer and/or being Paul McCartney’s daughter.">

The gala featured a dinner with vegetarian choices including vegetable tarts, risotto served in individual acorn squashes and chocolate pots de creme.

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Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld

Seinfeld and McCartney (or Jerry and Stella, if you’re on a first name basis) took the stage and chatted about the importance of fashion, in the format of a question and answer. When Jerry cynically queried about what really is the point of having fashion anyway, Stella responded, “The difference is that, I think, what you wear reflects who you are and how you feel.” Elegantly simple and yet profound!

The hilarious interview, which takes place in front of an audience of the evening’s guests, showcases classic Seinfeld humor as Stella never misses a beat and evidently enjoys being quite funny in her own self-assured way. As Jerry admits he really knows very little about the subject at hand, the theme of the power of women is woven through out, revisiting a favorite Seinfeldism often seen his stand up routine.

Jerry brings up Stella’s choice to use no leather or fur in her designs to which Stella responds, “I’m so glad you’re doing this.” In his self-deprecating Seinfeldian persona, Jerry comes back with, “In fact, I only eat leather and fur.” The video is quite funny and is worth a few minutes of your valuable time, especially if you’re a fan of them both, as I emphatically am.">

Click here to watch the video of Seinfeld and McCartney Q & A

Jerry’s wife, Jessica Seinfeld, has been a great advocate for the importance of including more vegetables in America’s meals with her various books, including Deceptively Delicious, so I have a feeling that she won’t ever be serving leather or fur in her family meals!

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Jerry and Stella

Suzy Amis Cameron Starting Affordable Vegan Clothing Line

A high-profile celeb will be branching into vegan clothing design and offering a clothing and shoe line “in a price range for people to be able to afford.” Suzy Amis Cameron, environmentalist, philanthropist, former actress, and last but not least, James Cameron’s wife, is collaborating with designers to produce Red Carpet ensembles including shoes for the Oscars that are sustainable and vegan.

Along with a possible “green” clothing line of casual wear, Amis Cameron, will raise awareness for the need of these environmental options in fashion, raise funds to benefit Cameron’s vegan and sustainable school, MUSE, and hopefully show that vegan clothing and accessories can be affordable and beautiful.

VAP Celebrity Radar:  Seinfeld & McCartney • Suzy Cameron • Guy Fieri • Jessica Chastain • Carrie Underwood

Suzy Amis Cameron">

Guy Fieri is a KALE Junkie

If you enjoy watching Guy Fieri, celebrity chef and the host of “Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins,” on the Food Network, you’ve probably seen him dig into many a hamburger and numerous racks of ribs but he has actually admitted to being “big vegetable fan….(and) a kale junkie.” He grew up in a home of vegetarian parents and recently had much experience in preparing vegetarian meals for his sister, who tragically passed away three and a half yeas ago from cancer. He promises that we’ll “see a couple of show coming up where (he does) a tofu burger,” showing his viewers veggie alternatives. He says that he now makes his meals more “veggie-centric” and that “we’ve got to eat more raw.” Guy, you may not realize that you’re heading in the vegetarian direction, but that’s how many herbivores start out on this road to discovery! Please give Vegan American Princess that recipe for your tofu burger—we’d love to feature it!

VAP Celebrity Radar:  Seinfeld & McCartney • Suzy Cameron • Guy Fieri • Jessica Chastain • Carrie Underwood

Guy Fieri

Jessica Chastain Buys Her Mom a “Vegan” Food Truck

Jessica Chastain, Oscar-nominated actress who just happens to be vegan, is helping her mom spread the vegan lifestyle in San Francisco by buying her a food truck where she can cook and sell great vegan fare. During a two-week visit, Chastain’s mom followed her vegan lead and ate whatever she ate. She felt so great that she learned how to cook plant-based dishes and was inspired to become a vegan chef. The food truck idea solved the issue of her not finding enough vegan restaurants to frequent.

VAP Celebrity Radar:  Seinfeld & McCartney • Suzy Cameron • Guy Fieri • Jessica Chastain • Carrie Underwood

Jessica Chastain

Carrie Underwood, Pregnant and Vegan

Carrie Underwood, country music super star, having announced her pregnancy back in September, considers herself a “practical vegan.” According to, “Carrie doesn’t stress about vegetarian entrees when she’s dining out.” She admits, “If I order something on a menu and it has a sprinkling of cheese on top I’m not going to send it back.” As she continues to work out with her trainer and eat “a balanced diet of legumes, veggies and lots of water” we can look for a radiant looking child-bearing Carrie.

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Carrie Underwood

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