Vegan American Princess: Voted #2 on Skinny Scoop’s Top Vegan Blogs of 2013!



Vegan American Princess has placed

#2 on Skinny Scoop’s Top Vegan Blogs of 2013!

We are so grateful and downright thrilled that so many people voted for us to be placed on Skinny Scoop’s Top Vegan Blogs of 2013 list!  Debby & I were just hoping and praying that we could be counted among  the many wonderful bloggers in the top 25, but to win the #2 spot is more than we dreamed. (OK, to be totally honest, we DID dream of it but didn’t think it would happen!)

Here’s a list of the reasons why we were awarded the #2 spot (or any spot at all):

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4. all of the above

If you missed your chance to vote (sorry, but we’d love your vote next time) and you’re not sure what Skinny Scoop is and what the excitement is all about here:

It’s an ingenious, creative website that compiles helpful lists of everything under the sun made by busy women for busy women. Don’t we all solicit the advice of friends when we’re comparing food products, books to read, favorite vacation spots, restaurants, baby strollers—you  name it. Skinny Scoop encourages women to create and share actionable lists that they can use from their own life experience.

“SkinnyScoop takes the offline conversations between women that happen everywhere, everyday, and moves them online bringing value to both the tastemakers and the women they influence,” says CEO Eden Godsoe.

As Oprah catapulted certain products into stardom on her yearly “Oprah’s Favorite Things” shows, Skinny Scoop compiles and posts favorite lists on an ongoing basis giving them a valued status. Those lucky enough to be nominated need to earn votes in order to get on their list.

Vote for Vegan American Princess on Skinny Scoop's Top 25 Vegan Blogs of 2013

If you’d like to take a look at the Skinny Scoop Top 25 Vegan Blogs of 2013, Click Here

Check out the Skinny Scoop website to see what lists are being compiled and to start a new list of your own!

We would like to congratulate all the vegan blogs which made the list, especially The “V”  Word, for winning the top spot.  We follow many of the blogs on the list and see ourselves as part of a very unique, passionate, compassionate and dedicated community. Anyone who shares our vision, whether they are on a list or not, is an integral part of living the vegan lifestyle! Vegan American Princess will continue to provide our readers with content that we truly care about — now we’re even more inspired!

xox Ellen & Debby




  1. Congrats! I was surprised with the email from SkinnyScoop because I never made any efforts to share it with others to vote for me. 🙁 But it seems that I’ve awesome fans 😉

  2. Congratulations to you!! It’s fabulous!!

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