VAP’s Celebrity Radar: Edition #2

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Starring….Forest Whitaker,  Alanis Morissette,  Rosanna Davison,  Christie Brinkley,  Jay McGuinness & Zendaya Coleman,  Rooney Mara,  Denzel Washington &  Mayam Bailik….


Forest Whitaker & Daughter, True

Oscar award winning actor, Forest Whitaker puts on another superb performance in his latest movie, The Butler, where he personally serves our U.S. presidents, spanning the decades from Eisenhower through present day, with the Civil Rights movement heating up as a historical backdrop and context for the story.  Fans may not know that he is a committed vegetarian and has been for many years. He is quoted as saying that “life is full of choices and….it was one of the best choices [he’s] ever made.” His reasons for adopting a plant-based diet are simple:

•To improve your health  (A vegetarian diet can help you to lose weight and avoid health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and several types of cancer.)

•To help the environment

•To save animals

Forest’s daughter, True, joined him in filming a public service announcement explaining why they are both saying no to meat. Children see it so simply—True says, I love animals!”


Unknown-4Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette has declared that she is about 80% vegan and the other 20% is mostly seafood and “a lot of fish.” She may be taking some flack for moving in a backwards direction, slipping away from veganism, but her beliefs are still strongly rooted in food as healing medicine. In the magazine, Energy Times, she praises the benefits of eating a plant-based diet and important books such as “The China Study” and “Eat to Live.” She explains,

“viewing food as this sacred fuel that has to be delicious…if the perception is that having a plant-based diet is somehow not delicious, we might benefit from throwing that on its head a little bit so we can get a little more creative in the kitchen and actually have veganism or a plant-based diet be identified more with deliciousness and sensuality.”

Her 3 1/2-year old-son, Ever, is vegan and it’s obvious that labeling her vegan or not will be left up to her harshest critics. Even though she admits it “with a little bit of shame,” I hope that she reads more about the toxicity of fish and is careful with eating too much. Her stellar performance at last year’s HeartView Global Foundation dinner, which I had the privilege of enjoying, showed a passionate, joyful & beautiful performer—we want her to always be glowing with wonderful health!


Rosanna-Davison-Vegan-Ad_FIN300Rosanna Davison

Irish born model and 2003 Miss World, Rosanna Davison, is featured on PETA’s most recent European ad campaign where she promotes their new slogan “Vegans are Red Hot.” Laying nude on a bed of red chili peppers is sure to draw attention from vegans and non-vegans alike as Davison proudly showcases more than just her veganism. Davidson has eaten a vegetarian diet for almost a decade, but went fully vegan while training for the Galway, Ireland, Ironman event, which included a half marathon, a 90 kilometer bike course and a 1.9 kilometer swim. According to Vegetarian Star, she explains:

“I’m a massive animal lover and my granny used to have a sheep farm. I used to look after the lambs in the morning and then I’d go in and there would be a Sunday roast on the table and I just knew I couldn’t eat it. As well as causing incredible suffering to animals, the meat industry damages our forests, our water supply and the global climate.”


christie-brinkley-300x400Christie Brinkley

Mother-daughter cover girls, Christie Brinkley and Sailor Brinkley Cook, don the cover of  summer edition of BellaNYC Magazine looking fabulously gorgeous. As Sailor begins a budding modeling career, will she follow in her mother’s footsteps? No, I’m not referring to taking the fashion world by storm! I talking about eating a vegetarian diet! When asked by, “what are some healthy habits or suggestions to share with New York women who want to look their best,” Christie replied, “I’m a vegetarian. I also try to eat colorful fruits and vegetables — I eat a lot of colorful veggies. Also, don’t forget to smile. I think that’s so important.” Smiling is one thing you can do, but Sailor, if you need some helpful tips on eating a plant-based diet like Mom, Vegan American Princess can help!


Jay Mc GuinessJay McGuinness & Zendaya Colemen

The latest “Sexiest Vegetarian” titles, as decided by PETA2, the youth arm of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have been bestowed on Jay McGuinness, member of the hit boy band Wanted, as the world’s “Sexiest Male Vegetarian” and Actress Zendaya Coleman, who plays a vegetarian in the Disney show “Shake It Up,” as the “Sexiest Female Vegetarian.” McGuinness, who has experienced recent chart-topping success with his single “We Own the Night,” won the title over actor and comedian Russell Brand, Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley, and Thirty Seconds to Mars’ band member Jared Leto.

imagesZendaya revealed recently that her “Shake It Up” character Rocky is also a vegetarian! She spoke out about a specific episode in which she reveals Rocky’s vegetarian diet:

“In the meatball episode which was really gross, I put in a part where I said I was vegetarian because I really am a vegetarian in real life. That’s something I believe in very strongly. We decided to make Rocky a vegetarian as well.”

Kids who watch the show will be exposed to vegetarianism in a natural, entertaining way!


Unknown-3Rooney Mara

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star, the beautiful Rooney Mara, attributes her slenderness to her vegan diet.  When The New York Post interviewed her about her new movie, “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” and questioned whether she actually eats, she replied,

“Of course I eat, I eat a lot. I love to eat. But I’m a vegan. I eat all the time. I even eat bread — especially if it’s good and if I get it free.”

Whoever thinks vegans can’t find enough to eat, ought to take a page out of Vogue cover girl, Rooney’s playbook—she’s doing something right!


Denzel-592x390Denzel Washington

Even though Denzel Washington cheats on his diet sometimes and admittedly eats chicken once in a while, he is calling himself a vegetarian!  Are we aghast? Again we will hear purists judge him for hanging the label of vegetarian on his new change for the better while at the same time he admits that he isn’t perfect. Who is? A dramatic change in lifestyle can be difficult to do cold turkey (so to speak) so if Denzel is working gradually to get healthier and dedicated to bringing his meat consumption to almost zero, we’ve got to applaud him! He’s doing wonderful things for himself, animals and the environment.

Unknown-2Mayim Bailik

Big Bang Theory star, Mayim Bailik, who plays Amy, the hilarious super-intellectual, buttoned-up, boyfriend-pursuing foil to Jim Parson’s Sheldon Cooper is a fan of donuts, vegan, of course! After the committed vegan was told that she was nominated for an Emmy Award, she headed for Psycho Doughnuts, which she explains on her blog,, is:

“a crazy and sort of politically incorrect doughnut place that makes “crazy” doughnuts, including vegan choices. The women working there dress like nurses and at one location there is a “padded room” you can take pictures in. Kind of psycho, right? Anyway, I got two doughnuts –one with Oreos and thick white and blue icing on top and the other with Rice Krispies and peanut butter and chocolate.”

This is her second nomination for Amy and, judging from how much Amy makes me laugh, (which is really all that matters), I’m rooting for Mayim to win!  I’m also wondering when a “Psycho Doughnut” shop will be opening closer to where I live, although that would be sooo dangerous for me.



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  1. Christie’s looking darn good! I want those donuts! Now!

  2. I’m going psycho for ” Psycho Doughnuts ” lol, are they in Colorado yet. Thanks for sharing.
    Nice pic of Denzel I thought I might add.

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