Stella McCartney on NBC Rock Center

images-1On the very last edition of NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams, a feature on Stella McCartney showed the many sides of the fashion designer, animal activist, famous daughter, wife and mother of four children. We catch a glimpse inside the empire of Stella McCartney where her stand on using animals for fashion is made very clear.

Rock Center Special Correspondent Chelsea Clinton asks fashion designer Stella McCartney about the benefits and challenges of having famous parents. Stella’s father, Sir Paul, explains why his daughter embraced vegetarianism at a young age, and today, uses no leather or fur in her designs.  He describes the very moment of realization of what the family was eating and how it affected their lives.  Unknown-4Stella honors her mother, a famed animal activist, every season with a new shoe design in her memory and to celebrate her life.  She does not use any animal-derived materials in any of her products, she proudly explains. Tragically,  50 million animals are killed every year in the name of fashion.

Stella McCartney gorgeous shoes and bags are high up there in the luxury-brand price range, as most vegans well know. We admire and take pride in her animal activism but, at the same time, we would love it if she would design some more accessibly priced, AND gorgeous, designs for more vegans and non-vegans to enjoy and wear proudly.


For the full story, including both Stella and Paul discussing their veganistic views, click on the following link:


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