5 Vegan Beauty Products to Love

Unknown-3Change of season, change of weather—time to switch up some new vegan beauty products! Even though my loyalty to certain products that I love is like “til death do us part,” that doesn’t mean that I don’t love to sample, smell and slather on all kinds of interesting, beauteous products! Not all vegan products display a “vegan” symbol on their labels so it’s important to check whether it contains any animal derived ingredients and whether it was tested on animals. More and more companies seem to be jumping on the bandwagon with eliminating animal testing and animal products but don’t necessarily proclaim “vegan” to the world. Yet!

LaLicious Oils 2

LaLicious Body Oil in Coconut Cream

This delicious, luxurious body oil is wonderful after the shower or as a shaving cream.  My love for all things coconut made this a magnet that just drew me in.  The main ingredients are coconut oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia nut oil which absorb beautifully and cleanly. On hot, dry days, I dab a couple of dots on my arms and legs to stay moisturized and smelling divine. All natural and free of parabens, these products come on more scrumptious scents (like Brown Sugar & Vanilla, Passionfruit Lime & Island Guava), in sugar scrubs, body butters and lip butters and more. Celebrity fans include Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes and Kate Hudson.  Although this company is based right here in Southern California, spas all over use their products and the website has it all.


imagesNo Miss Vegan Nail Polish

Nail polish always seems to be flying just under the radar of toxic to me–the smell alone is enough to make you wonder what you’re painting on your fingers to look pretty.  There seem to several vegan nail polishes on the market but I tried No Miss because it’s marketed with all the following great qualities:

  • Contains 7 herbs: Dill Seeds, Carageenan, Coffee Arabica Seeds, Ginseng Root, Rose Canina fruit Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, and Hyemale Plant Extract. 
  • Does NOT Contain: Formaldehyde * Toluene * Dibutyl-Phthalate or Camphor.
  • Vegan ingredients & NEVER tested on animals
  • Moisturizing & non-chip
  • Super glossy & non-yellowing
  • Quick dry & natural smelling

boynton beach blue 2Plus I fell in love with Boynton Beach Blue!  It really lives up to its promises (except that  it does smell like nail polish) and lasted over a week on my nails. There are over 150 shades to choose from and the No Miss website has all the nail products, as well as some eye lip items, but Alternative Outfitters carries it too, as well as some retail stores.


indian_coconut_nectar_perfume_roll-on_-_ns 2Pacifica Roll-On Perfume in Indian Coconut Nectar 

I love to keep a light, portable fragrance in my bag that I can dab on, neatly and discretely whenever I need it. Something that doesn’t conflict with any perfume that I have on (that probably faded by then) and that makes me go ahh, when I catch a whiff.  I’m a big fan of Pacifica products and this easy little portable fits the bill in every way!



kiss my face 2Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Paraben-Free Deodorant (Roll-On and Fragrance Free)

Claiming all day odor protection and containing botanicals like coriander, hops and rosemary with odor absorbing ingredients, this deodorant is free of aluminum chlorhydrate, and really does work.  In the winter when spontaneous sweating is at a minimum, the toughest test of this deodorant was during a vigorous workout and it passed. Now that it’s 100 degrees here and it’s truly put to task, Liquid Rock has been really working.  I don’t know how it works so well, how but it does. For me, it’s more natural to allow your body to perspire but not at the risk of offending the people around you!


Pistachio Foot Repair Cream 2Desert Essence Organics Perfect Pistachio Foot Repair Cream  

Dry heels are my nemesis and I’ve tried many creams that promise miracles and don’t deliver.  The dry, hot summer climate spent in flip flops or sandals will make anyone heels look cracked and thirsty. Compassion to animals is part of this company’s core value so you won’t see any animal derived or tested ingredients on the label.  Perfect Pistachio Foot Repair is 100% Vegan, wheat free, gluten Free.  No parabens, SLS, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colors, silicone or more shady ingredients.  This cream has a lovely light scent, is not thick or heavy and absorbs quickly.  My heels looked pink and healthy after a couple of days of using it daily so I will continue (unless my dog continues to lick it off).


xox Ellen

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  1. I think I need the Desert Essence Foot Repair Cream now. Pistachio? Sounds great! These products look amazing. Can’t await to try!

  2. i’m happy to ear the KIss my face liquid rock work! thanks:)

  3. It’s works on me so it’s worth a try!


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  2. […]  Five Vegan Beauty Products to Love […]

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