Beyond Skin Shoes Are Beyond Sexy!

My words about these gorgeous shoes are probably unnecessary since this photograph says it all. Since I am very opinionated, I will talk about them anyway whether you like it or not. Here is what I have to say…

Knowing that I had an upcoming holiday party, I went shopping for a new dress. As usual, I came home with yet another black party dress. When I showed it to my husband, he replied “another black dress?” I gave my usual response: “but it’s a new black dress!” I decided to visit Compassion Couture, my favorite online shop for shoes, handbags and other vegan accessories in search of party shoes to dress up my new dress. FYI, the hand-picked items on Compassion Couture’s site are among the best I have come across and include top-notch vegan labels such as Neuaura, Cri de Couer and my new fashion find Beyond Skin. If you recall, I recommended a gift certificate from Compassion Couture as one of my holiday gift suggestions.

Anyway, I spotted these black and grey sexy shoes on Compassion Couture’s website and decided to order them online, not knowing what to expect. A few days later, they arrived. I immediately opened the carton and saw a bright pink shoebox exhibiting the words “Beyond Skin, BE THE CHANGE, Genuinely Not Leather.” The company “had me at hello!”

I opened the pink box to find the sexy high heels which I ordered online, only they were even more gorgeous in real life. I was pleasantly shocked at how fabulous looking and well made they appeared. But could shoes that looked this good really be comfortable? I immediately put them on and paraded around my house. Yes! They were not only comfortable, but they were true to size too! Score! And check out this shoe bag which was enclosed in the pretty pink box with the shoes…

Look at the cute zebra logo on the back of the bag! An imprint of this cute zebra with the words “be the change” is on the bottom of each shoe. I love that!

I was so impressed with both the shoes and the packaging, that I went on Beyond Skin’s website to learn more about the company. I learned that Beyond Skin is a 10 year old company which is dedicated to making stylish and cruelty-free footwear. Although they have undergone some changes throughout the years, they were lucky enough to have had Natalie Portman as an ambassador for them. Ms. Portman actually wore Beyond Skin’s shoes to the Golden Globes, Oscars, and even in her movie “V for Vendetta.” Beyond Skin is based in Hove, a seaside hub in the UK, although its shoes are made in Alicante, Spain. Check out some of the gorgeous Beyond Skin boots and shoes I spotted on their website. You can also find some great styles on Compassion Couture’s website. Rumor has it that Beyond Skin plans to enter the world of accessories, including handbags and purses, and is even planning a line of menswear. Yippeee!

Be the change!

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