Fall Fashion Finds

After my early morning spin class, I decided to walk into “Lester’s of Greenvale” which is a clothing boutique located next to the gym where I workout. Lester’s, which has 5 stores throughout the NewYork metropolitan area, usually has “the latest and the greatest” clothes and accessories. Although the store is geared towards younger clientele, I can sometimes pick up cool items for myself.

In any event, when I walked into the store, I immediately spotted the most adorable “Big Buddha” faux leather booties. I am a big fan of the “Big Buddha” handbags, and I had no idea that they also made footwear. The booties (which are shown in the photo below) came in two colors: a distressed brown with a colorful in-laid design and a distressed charcoal grey. I bought the charcoal grey ones for $69. They are really comfortable and I think that they would look great with skinny jeans or leggings.

The next amazing items I noticed were faux vegan leather clothes and jackets from the brand “Free People”. If you look on their website, you can see Free People’s complete line of vegan leather clothing. Lester’s carried a cute black faux leather dress which was way too youthful for me, but I did splurge on a great black faux leather jacket which was $168. Both items are shown in the photos below, but they look much better in real life. I loved the way the jacket fit me.

Since I already spent enough money on the boots and jacket, I did not buy the beautiful blue Urban Expressions handbag which is shown in the last of my photos; but I thought it was really cool and well-priced at $105.

I am always thrilled to find great vegan fashion items at affordable prices. I hope you enjoyed reading about my new finds!


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