Petit Vour Box #2


mainslider_img_12A few days ago, I received my second box from Petit Vour, a monthly subscription for delivery of vegan cruelty-free beauty products which come in mini sizes. Petit Vour is an excellent resource for sampling products from and supporting some really fabulous and ethical brands such as Tarte, BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty), and Hugo Naturals.

mainslider_img_2If you subscribe to Petit Vour, you can choose from a 3-month subscription plan, a month-to-month plan, or a 6-month option. I chose the 3-month plan, and today I received my second box.

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This month, my Petit Vour box contained six “Sweet Beauty Mini” products…

Image 6-24-13 at 9.51 PM1. A $15.00 Gift Certificate for any product made by Mineral Hygienics, or a Super Coupon which allows you to get their “Mini Starter Kit” for only $15 ($75 value). 

I have never tried Mineral Hygienics, but this mineral makeup product is supposedly made with only 4 ingredients which provide complete and full coverage, lasting longer than traditional makeup and other mineral makeup brands. Of course, I’ll use the coupon and give it a try.

2. A barre bar which claims to be “a real food bar developed by two professional dancers (made with real ingredients for real athletes).”

The bar I received is called pirouette which is a cinnamon pecan flavor. It was truly delicious, and reminded me of a Larabar. The label on the bar did not list its ingredients, but referred to their website for nutrition information. I would definitely purchase this “real food bar” again if I saw it in a market or health food store.

3. ACorelle La Beauté  Au Naturel “R DE ROSE” Eau De Parfum or “Perfumes that make you feel good…”

In my opinion, this perfume sample was the best “sweet beauty mini” in the box. It is composed of geranium and rose essential oils created to bring you harmony and wellness. I can only describe the scent as “divine.” In fact, I could not stop sniffing at my wrists for hours after application. If you are in the market for a new vegan perfume with a floral scent, this may be your perfect choice.

4. An (Anti-Wrinkle Comple)X from (SkinGen)X

I only rubbed this on my skin today, so I haven’t tested it long enough to recommend it. But it did go on nice and smoothly, and I like its ingredients: Powerful Neuropeptides, Antioxidants Vitamins A, C & E, CoQ10, Resveratrol, Green Tea, Pomegranate Oil, Grape Seed Oil, an Hyaluronic Acid. This product looks like it might be a keeper.

5. (Eye Comple)X from (SKINGEN)X

I have been using this eye cream for a couple of days, and I really like it. It is lightweight and feels good on the skin. I think it might be working nicely on the wrinkles around my eyes.

6. (SKINGEN)X X(Foliator)

I haven’t tried this product yet, but I’m optimistic about it based upon the Anti-Wrinkle and Eye Complex.

There you have it..a sneak peek at my 2nd of 3 boxes from Petit Vour. Once again, I really enjoyed receiving this box and sampling the “Sweet Beauty Minis” in it.

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