Threads 4 Thought…Sustainable Apparel

logoSince my eldest son is leaving for college in 10 days, we went to the mall today to buy him a few clothing items for his new life. I was really excited about this event because my boys were never really that into their clothes; they generally wore whatever I bought for them. They both refused to go clothes shopping with me in the past (video games were another story) and I always longed for a little shopping spree with, at least, one of them. Needless to say, today was very interesting as I watched my 18 year old son pick and choose his new clothes with interest.

After buying the requisite sneakers and jeans, we headed to the men’s section of Bloomingdale’s department store. In the past, I purchased his clothes from American Eagle, Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch. The men’s department of Bloomingdale’s was new territory for me. It did not take my son long to spot some cool tee shirts by the brand Alternative Apparel. He picked out a nice tee shirt and continued to look around. He was, thereafter, drawn like a magnet to a specific section of the store with some really cool, comfortable looking and multi-colored tops. There were so many different styles to choose from: short sleeve tees, long sleeve “burnout” tops and hip surf-style hoodies. After trying each clothing item on, he would check himself out in the mirror and smile. I was quite surprised. Was he actually enthused about his clothing? I must admit that I “kvelled” as I watched him try on the clothes. He looked so great in them and they really added to his gorgeousness (c’mon, you mothers feel the same way about yours)!

He picked out a couple of great items, including this red burnout wash fleece crew and this very cool heather/black surf hoodie.

We purchased the cool clothes and when we arrived home, I looked at the labels to see what brand they were. Since he liked the clothes so much, I was already thinking about buying him some more items from the same brand in the future. For your information, the brand name of the clothes we purchased is Threads 4 Thought.

I went on Threads 4 Thought website and began to read about the company.  On the company’s logo, they describe their products as Sustainable Apparel. Apparently, the founders of the company began as a small business manufacturing and marketing graphic tee shirts that were made exclusively from organic cotton. Their small business grew into this larger lifestyle brand and, according to the company’s founders, their mission remained the same: to promote a sense of responsibility for those who share the world with us. Threads 4 Thought products are made with sustainable materials and are manufactured in the most sustainable manner. The company works with factories that respect their employees and treat them humanely and fairly. The company also claims to work with several regarded charities including the International Rescue Committee and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

I was very impressed with the company’s mission, as well as their great clothing line. I will continue to purchase their clothing in the future. In addition to their hipster menswear, Threads 4 Thought carries a great women’s line too. You can purchase Thread 4 Thought’s clothing on their website or at various department stores, including Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s.


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