Lush Cosmetics Comes To Long Island’s Roosevelt Field Mall

I am pleased to report that the wonderful Lush handmade cosmetics company has now opened a store at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Carle Place, Long Island. For those of you who may not know, Lush produces fresh-made soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, and other cosmetics for the face, hair, and body using 100% vegetarian recipes. Since many of Lush’s products are preservative-free, Lush stores do not sell products older than four months and most products have a total shelf life of approximately 14 months. Don’t you want to eat these?

When I visited the new Lush store in the Roosevelt Field Mall today, I was immediately impressed with the huge sign stating that Lush “stands strongly in their fight against animal testing.” Another sign indicated that with every purchase of their “Charity Pot” (a scrumptious hand and body lotion), Lush donates 100% (minus the taxes) to small grassroots organizations around the world. You can go to Lush’s website to see a list of some of the organizations and charities which Lush has contributed to.

It was clear to me from my visit to Lush’s store, that Lush has chosen to be an innovative company as well as an ethical one. The products were not only fun, colorful and irresistable, but were also quite unique. Where else can you choose from an assortment of solid or dry shampoos, “Shower Jellies” (gelatin-like semi-solid shampoos and body washes), “Toothy Tabs” (solid toothpaste tablets) and fizzy “Bath Bombs” which erupt with different scents and colors when dropped in the bathtub?

I bought the following products which were clearly marked with a “V” indicating that they are vegan:

The “Eyes Right” mascara is a gentle mascara with a wheatgrass base. Lush claims that it is a “healthy” mascara which is “good for the lashes and skin around it.” As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of Tarte’s “Lights, Camera, Lashes!” Mascara; however, I’m always willing to try new products and Lush’s mascara is certainly worth a try.

I also purchased a “Creamy Candy Bubble Bar” which promises to provide sweet, frothy and fluffy bubbles to your bathtub while smelling like vanilla and cotton candy. Who could resist that? This product also contains cocoa butter to moisturize your entire body.

The “Stepping Stone” foot scrub was so cute and something I could really use, so I bought it. It is made with pumice and sea salt to exfoliate and soften the hard skin on your feet. Its fragrance is “citrus-y” because it is made with lemon and lime oils. You could also follow up your foot scrub with Lush’s Fair Trade Foot Lotion, if you wish.

Many of the other products at Lush were noteworthy, including the colorful array of cream eyeshadows and “Lush-ious” lip products. I believe (but not 100% sure) that most, if not all, of these eyeshadows and lip products are vegan. This can be easily checked out because, as previously stated, Lush’s vegan products are clearly marked with a “V.”

Please note that not all of Lush’s products are vegan and preservative-free. Although Lush does use fruits, vegetables and essential oils in their products, some products do contain more traditional soap ingredients and preservatives so be sure to ask the sales help for such information if you are concerned. The sales help at the Roosevelt Field Mall location was excellent. If you live on Long Island, do not hesitate to go there. Also note that a new Lush store recently opened at the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington, New York, so you could shop there as well.

I think that Lush products would make excellent holiday gifts and you could choose from a variety of wonderful gift boxes at a Lush store near you or from Lush’s website. My last bit of advice for the day is to shop at Lush for the holidays, but don’t become a lush on the holidays!


  1. I haven’t yet tried their cosmetics, but I adore LUSH’s soaps! They’re so innovative.

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