Matt & Nat “Poesy” Wristlet…Gotta’ Have It!

Don’t you just love when the doorbell rings, you open the door and you have to sign for an unexpected delivery? Don’t you also love when your name is on the package and you are certain that you have not ordered anything recently from Amazon? And doesn’t this scenario get much better when you open the box to reveal that it contains the most perfect gift from one of your favorite friends in the whole world?

Well, I was lucky enough to have such an experience the other day when I received a “way cool” Matt & Nat wristlet from my longtime (not old) college buddy, Ellen, who lives in California. How could someone be so gifted in choosing a gift? Ellen not only picked something I really wanted in the perfect color and style, but picked a gift in alignment with my values (no leather). Thank you Ellen!

I was so impressed with this beautiful piece (which Matt & Nat calls “Poesy”) that I had to share. This item is really functional because you could use it as a wristlet or a wallet. If you choose to use it as a wallet, I can assure you that it’s a perfect size for any handbag; not too big and not too small. If you don’t feel like carrying a large handbag on any given day, you could add the strap and use it as a wristlet. You will not have to worry about not having enough space for your essentials. There are two front pockets for your phone, keys or loose change. The interior contains sixteen credit card slots, two bill compartments, a center zip coin pouch and plenty of room for receipts. Check it out!

The “Cognac” color looks very rich and the wristlet looks like it is made from well-worn vintage leather (minus the dead animals) which makes it look really cool. Matt & Nat calls this material “Japanese Paper.” They make several other handbags, clutches, wallets and wristlets from this same material. There are several colors to choose from, including the gorgeous “Cognac.” I love my wristlet so much that I am considering buying a handbag in the same color and material. I really like this one called the “Marlon” bag.

All in all, I would say that Matt & Nat makes some of the most beautiful vegan handbags, wallets and accessories around. I love my new “Poesy” wristlet and I know that I will be acquiring some more Matt & Nat items in the future. I hope you enjoyed this post because I really enjoyed writing it. Blogging about vegan accessories and clothing items is my favorite subject to blog about. Afterall, I am a princess!


  1. I’m so glad that you love the wallet/wristlet! As I said in my little happy birthday note to you, you have really impacted my life and have made me think about things in a different way! I want to thank for that!! xox El


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