The Truth About UGG Boots">UGG Boots have been the favorite footwear of many “princesses” (myself included) for quite some time. I actually own 3 pairs which I bought long before my decision to go vegan. Unfortunately, at the time of my purchases, I was more concerned with the boots’ comfort and cuteness than I was with the cruelty to the animals from which they were made. I am so sorry for my unconscious state of mind at that time of my life; however, I am living proof that it’s never too late to change and I vow to make more compassionate choices in the future.

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In case you were wondering, UGGs are made from the skin of sheep and, therefore, the sheep are killed to make them (Wikipedia). I used to think that the wool was painlessly sheared from the sheep, but I was wrong. There is great pain and animal cruelty involved in making UGG boots. I am not the only one to make this mistake. In February 2007, longtime vegan and animal activist, Pamela Anderson, also woke up about wearing UGG boots. She realized that she may have been instrumental in starting the UGG trend because she used to wear them with her red bathing suit in Baywatch. At that time, she was quoted in People Magazine as follows…

“I feel so guilty for that craze being started around Baywatch days – I used to wear them with my red swimsuit to keep warm – never realizing that they were SKIN!”

Ms. Anderson has since sworn off UGG Boots and so have I. In this regard, I wanted to show you the cool, comfy UGG-like boots which are made by Neuaura. I ordered them from their website and they were $165.oo. A little expensive, but so are UGGs. I think they are really cute and of good quality. For 18 UGG style boots that are vegan and fabulous, check out our alternative picks.

The truth about ugg boots

Neuaura is an eco-conscious, animal-free company. These boots are made of a synthetic ultrasuede material consisting of 100% recycled polyester fibers produced by a chemical recycling process that is environmentally responsible. They are also made in an ethical, sweatshop-free factory in China. Although I purchased the black ones, they also come in a dark tan color called “Hide” (I’m not crazy about that name, but the boots are nice). There are many great alternatives to real UGGs so take a look.


30 New Vegan UGG Alternatives


Click Here for 30 New VEGAN UGG Alternatives: Trendy and Cruelty Free!

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  1. jasun2100 says:

    This is horrible…I have not given up leather and wool but would it be so hard to do this while treating the animals humanely..

    • The fact remains that this is what it is. So upsetting!

    • How could you possibly believe the animal could be treated humanly when using leather is the animals skin?

      • In India they use the skin of dead cows (as in died from natural causes etc.) to make “cruelty free leather” see. There is a way!!!!

        • Hmm!I guess if the animal dies from natural causes it would qualify as cruelly-free. I never knew. Thanks for the info!!

        • This is 2 years too late but to anyone that’s reading through this, I’d like to make a few points. I wish that was the case RickyN, but in actuality, they only say that the cows died from “natural causes”. They lie to the general population, which would hate to see an animal seen as holy to many be treated like that. They take the cows on death marches so they can count it as a “natural” death, they starve them, beat them, and break their tails to get them to keep moving. It’s truly aweful and so sad. In any case, wearing another being’s skin as a mere fashion statement is kind of morbid and disrespectful to the animal no matter the way it perished. I think many of us just need to look past the luxury status that’s connotated by “genuine” leather/fur and stop the glamorization of animal organs. It is what it is, no matter what the ads say or who wears it on the red carpet. Additionally, there’s so many options that are cheaper and cruelty free that look the same as their animal-derived counterparts.

    • Just wondering… if the esteemed Ms Andersen was enlightened and became aware of the origin of Ugg boots in 2007, why was she wearing them last week (December 2013) when she showed up in Newfoundland, Canada to bully and bribe local sealers to give up their living for a mere $165 each. I’m sure she was paid far more than that for that publicity stunt. Maybe she should have changed out of her Uggs. I guess her Baywatch days aren’t that far behind her. The only thing she was embarrassed about and sorry for was that she was called out for wearing them. Which in turn would jeopardize any future fat pay checks she’d get from PETA for making meaning appearances.

    • Even if you use animal products after an animal died of natural causes if still messes with the ecosystem.
      We should just leave animals alone, and protect them.

    • kaylee lunsford says:

      Everyone they don’t do this anymore check the date it is 2012. BTW vegans by buying meat from the store it actually gives the dead meat a use. so by not eating already killed animals you are wasting poor dead animals so if it is already dead and you are vegan it doesn’t matter because instead of the meat rotting the animal wasn’t just killed ,and left to rot.

    • carla macy says:

      Im confused because i dont want to support UGG’s at all but on their website it says that they use animals who were already going to be killed for food and that they just use the bodies for more food

      • That sounds like a valid argument but we think it’s flawed in that the demand creates the market for animal-derived food and products. When the demand goes down, like what’s been happening with dairy milk, hopefully less animals will be killed for consumption. We think that Uggs probably had to provide a less cruel reason to satisfy the customers who are questioning their methods and in response to animals rights groups. But in the end, the animals are all being killed cruelly whether for food or apparel. We believe all animals want to live.

  2. thanks for informing us about the cruelty behind manufacturing ugg boots. I had assumed uggs were synthetic for some reason when i initially bought them or at least obtained as a sheepskin byproduct until i read up on the cruel practices of the fur and down trades. Which made me question the material in the ugg boots I had bought.

    Never buying uggs again!

  3. I am so glad you have brought this issue up and I was thinking if getting uggs
    I couldn’t live with myself if I had brought some and knew animals were tourtured
    For them. I will buy some of the boots suggested. Thankyou xx

  4. I am taking Uggs straight off my watch list on eBay! Thank you for saving me a lot of money!!

    Just curious to know if the knitwear uggs are ethical?

    • Not sure about the knitwear UGGS, but if they are made with wool I would be cautious.

      • Hi Debbie do you know anything on bear paw boots
        If they treat animals bad I’m throwing my uggs away
        I would like a boot like an ugg but I don’t want a boot coming from an animal that’s been tortured killed. I feel bad I didn’t even know until my sister said something about it.
        Thank you,

        • Im not sure about Bear Paws, but the company Neuaura makes excellent faux UGGS which are not made from animals and they are eco-friendly. I own a pair and I love them. They just came out with new styles too! You can find them easily online.

          • I noticed that the Neuaura boots are manufactured in China, and testing has shown that some faux fur are actually from a species known as the raccoon dog. Do you know if there is any documentation that their faux fur is made from synthetic materials? I would definitely purchase a pair if I had some confidence regarding the faux fur.

          • This is a good question; however, Neuaura is an incredibly ethical company and if you go on their website you can read about the materials used in their boots.

        • Bearpaw boots are made the same way as uggs. 🙁 They also use sheep skin and wool. Read labels before buying!

  5. For goodness sake! the sheep are not skinned alive! Australians and New Zealanders produce and eat most of the lamb and mutton in the world, of very high quality. The skins are a by product of this, just as regular cowhide leather (most shoes) are a by product of beef production.

    Some UGGs are now made in China — check the label — compare the Chinese made UGGs with the originals made in NZ, and see the difference! The Chinese ones are stitched poorly, low quality sheepskin and wool and cheaper soles! I only by the NZ ones. They last a long time — I had one pair from 2003-2012 and am now on my 2nd pair. (Hint: don’t wear them in wet, sloppy snow — they are not waterproof.)

    Real NZ-made UGGs are incredibly light and warm, and wick moisture from your feet with the miracle of natural sheep wool. The synthetic boots may look just as cute, but won’t do this. Only NATURAL sheepskin has this property! The synthetics will wear poorly and look terrible in a year. The wool lining will pill, get flat and look awful — pick up odors and sweat from your feet — and be hot and uncomfortable.

    One problem I have always had with veganism is the issue of shoes, purses and footwear. The alternatives to leather, suede and wool are just really inferior — not just ugly — they wear poorly, are hot and sweaty, crack and pill. They are typically made from petroleum by-products, which harm the environment.

    • Vegan accessories, purses and footwear have come a long way! Some excellent companies out there such as Neuaura, Novacas, Cri de Couer and Olsen Haus. Check them out.

    • I agree, what a crock!! I love my UGGs, and I agree 100%. The skin and wool would just be sold elsewhere or discarded after the sheep are slaughtered for their meat. So the author of the page here must have a very busy life going through EVERY ingredient of EVERY item her and her family uses to make sure it does not include animal, however did they find the time to be posting all this b.s??

      • Lola and Natasha,

        You both are very ignorant individuals. The industry of both meat and skinning is brutal and absolute torture for the animals. Whether or not they are skinned alive they still endure a painful death and for that reason UGGs, other leather products and all meat products are a horrific industry. How would you like to be stored in a facility your entire life waiting for your death so that your body can be used for it’s meat and skin? Atrocious. Lola, you go on and on about the quality of the sheepskin, would you ever wear human skin for its quality?! IGNORANCE at its best – open your eyes to the world around you, its more than just about fashion and your UGGs.

        • Not ALL animals raised for consumption are in pens and abused.

        • Growing up my family raised cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys for our own use to help defray the cost of feeding a large family via retail groceries. None of them were ever abused, or mistreated.

          There are plenty of establishments that don’t treat animals inhumanely . Both UGG and their parent company state that they only use those facilities that treat animals ethically.

          So you go ahead and eat your GMO grains and tofu, I will continue on with my grass-fed products and be far healthier.

          • Oh hi- how ’bout don’t assume what I eat? Try an abundance of dark green leafy vegetables, tons of vegetables a day, uncultivated whole grains, and clean lean proteins like beans, lentils, nuts – like nature designed for my canine-less grinding teeth.

            That is terribly sad that you have so see your animals get slaughtered first hand, see the terror in their eyes moments before you take their lives and eat their cortisol ridden meat. Animals are beautiful creatures that are vulnerable and its people like YOU that take advantage of this. Why don’t you educate yourself on the travesty that is farmed livestock and the much better, compassionate alternative to filling one’s body with nutritious ingredients.

            Living this life on Earth doesn’t have to be about your selfish consumption needs, it can be about harmonized coexistence, a resourceful tomorrow and a healthier population (hey news flash, red meat is awful for humans, we don’t have claws designed to kill and our colons don’t process these meats; do some scholarly reading will ya?) Living clean is not as easy as taking an innocent life, killing it and chomping down on a big slab of its meat but hey, I’m just trying to be compassionate and be the voice of those who cannot do so themselves.

            My condolences to you for your unfortunate life choices.

          • You might raise your livestock humanely but you still kill them for their flesh in the end. Can you imagine the feeling of being slaughtered? I sure can’t, nor do I hope that for any other creature on this earth. So all of your your so called “humanity” is down the drain in a single moment.

          • Firstly you are confused about tofu and GMO grain eaters. People concerned about their health or environment would never eat GMO grains. That aside, home farms are not the standard that most industrial farms follow. I too was raised in a far- pig,soybeans & wheat- and wish that was the norm! The use of GMO grain use with stock and use of harmful antibiotics is a problem in itself. If someone is a vegan then they are not typically going to wear apparel that involves animal products at all. As a vegetarian I made my choice because I am not involved in the growth, hunt or slauder of animLs only because I can’t stomach it. If I can’t I don’t feel I should pay someone to do so turning a blind eye to the process and living happily and ignorantly eating meat. I do believe meat and by products have a place. We can learn a lot from others about not throwing away any of the animal but it’s not a prominent venture. When we stop calling pigs pork and cows beef to hide what we’re really eating we might begin to properly make our own educated choices based on understanding what does to feed and clothe us.

          • These are valid points, and I totally agree that when we connect to what we’re really eating instead of blindly looking away we might begin to make more educated choices.

        • I believe that before you go around calling others ignorant, you should learn your own facts first. You know there are some laws here & there that do protect animals & their rights. & I’m sure you’re getting all of your information from some organization such as PETA. However, the members of PETA are animal activist, who take everything to the extreme & a lot of the time will make the situation a thousand times worse than what it really is. Animals have been Sao to have some of the same emotions as humans, however they’re not as deep. & majority of the time , a farmer or owner of the animal are not going to abuse or mistreat their income. If they beat these animals to death, or mistreat them , there would be no use for their meat or anything. Bruised & injured meat sells for a very low price. I’m not saying that it’s wrong for you to be against using animals products or eating meat because that is & completely should be your choice. As well as it should be anyone’s choice to eat meat & have animal products without you throwing in your opinion about it being wrong.

        • Besides, if enough people stop wearing them, the market will go down and some sheep will stop getting killed.

    • Hey Lola and Natasha,
      Guess what?
      What if it was you that was being skinned and tortured alive?
      Other people like YOU would be skinning you, while people that never gave a crap about you would be like “oh who cares it’s not me” well guess what ?the problem is it’s not fully affecting you so you wouldn’t care. What if it was your family member that was being skinned? Please, stop being selfish.

  6. To think this exact treatment was how they used to do African American slaves. This is really sad if its done this way. Whether its the early 1800 when they where transporting thousands of slaves In the same condition, or sheep it’s still sad. So technically, sheep are considered the nigger of animals. Very sad.

  7. Thank you for this article. It is quick, to the point and family friendly. There is absolutely no reason humans need to utilize animals in such a horrific way when there are so many other options that don’t harm animals.

    • You’re welcome! You said it best… “There is absolutely no reason humans need to utilize animals in such a horrific way when there are so many other options that don’t harm animals.”

  8. You can so harvest wool humanely. Just shear them. Every year. You don’t need to cut their butts off. You just basically take a razor or a set of hand shears if you prefer and cut the fleece, much like getting a hair cut. I have alpacas and I get them sheared every spring. Then I use the fiber to make things. You don’t need to kill them.

    • Yes, I read somewhere that Stella McCartney shears the wool from her own sheep for her clothing line. It might make the animals cooler in warmer weather too.Thanks for the comment.

    • Yes, the sheep actually enjoy it, because it lets them breathe.. Apparently they suffocate a little if its not sheared. Just funny, talking as a VEGAN, that lives on a farm with animals, in the country…and seeing the different animal proceses and picking and choosing what I want to support, and what not. I think that wool is awesome, and sustainable for the earth. Except for maybe the amount of machinery, electricity used…. but in small amounts it is fine. It is a great insulator, and the warmest! All natural ! No plastics, manufacturing blah blah, factories…not hurting the environment. Supporting farmers. Not hurting the sheep, especially if you know who sheers them. ( Or alpacas) .

      Living on a farm in the country, should not be an excuse for people to justify slaughtering other beings…. We can live in nature, yes its important, .but we can do so living in HARMONY with it.

  9. Wow that’s horrible , I’m glad I read this as I was looking to buying some but won’t anymore. do u known of any other animal cruelty free ugg like boots? Know if the bearpaw brand make their boots the same?

  10. Sheep are not killed FOR ugg. Ugg uses sheepskin that is a BY-PRODUCT of the meat industry. The animal has already been killed for meat and subsequently the rest of the hide is used to make sheepskin products like UGG. UGG’s supply of sheepskin is strictly limited by the number of sheep processed by the meat industry. This is why we’ve seen sheepskin prices inflate over the years; we are not eating more meat therefore the supply is limited but the demand for the product keeps growing. Hope that helps some people learn the REAL truth.

    • Finally! Someone who has done real research. Thank you for this comment as it seems most people will believe exactly what they read without any further research.

      • The point is, the animal is being harmed in the first place. Why would you want to support that industry? By-product or not, UGGs are related to a very cruel industry that harvest a being for its flesh and skin. If you were harvested for YOUR meat, its still cruelty no matter what comes out of it.

    • Thank you Nancy for providing the complete facts. I did hear that the boots were made from sheepskin and I was very disturbed by it, but I did not know that it was after the animals have been killed for meet. I also did a little research and read that UGG has a very strict policy regarding the ethical treatment of the sheep. you can read about it on their Facebook page.

      I think it comes down to what your beliefs are re: eating meat. If you think it’s cruel then of course you will believe that it still does not justify it

  11. Thank you, I also found makes great vegan clothing/shoes, accessories and even skin products.

  12. This info is not accurate. The only source listed here is wikipedia?!?! Are you kidding? Do some real research people! They don’t actually kill the sheep when it says “sheep skin.” That is always the term for wool from sheep.

    • The video is biased. Did you visit the website listed in the description? The link goes straight to PETA’s website. Have you done any research on PETA? Definitely not a good organization. They kill animals every day. UGGs are not made from live sheeps-skin. UGGs are made from the sheep skin AFTER the animal is killed for it’s meat.

    • I did, and I saw a bunch of numbers, stolen images, and only a small note about a sixty minutes episode. Now granted, I accept that there are some abusive practices, but also take into account that this appears to have been ripped off from PETA, who have a reputation for exaggerating claims.

      • Regardless of when they are skinned and what PETA says, you can clearly see the harsh conditions that they live in their whole lives, and the abuse and needless suffering that they endure, especially while being transported. By buying UGGs boots you are supporting these inhumane practices prior to the inevitable slaughter. PETA may exaggerate, but you also can’t rely on the UGGs support websites to be completely reliable and unbiased. Where are you getting your facts? Try to be a little less ignorant.

        • Perfectly stated! That’s precisely the point!

        • Then I assume you wouldn’t be purchasing any sweaters and/or other fleece products in addition to UGGs. Don’t call other people out for being ignorant, when your willingness to just blindly accept what PETA says as the absolute truth makes you just as ignorant.

  13. Any idea where these can be found online? Their website and amazon only had a couple of sizes.

  14. For some back round of where I am coming from. I am a vegitarian from a small farming town. I am just wondering if you understand where the skins come from. It isn’t taken and then to meat is wasted. In fact it is the opposite. The meat is taken and the skin is either used or wasted. If an animal is going to be killed anyway I see no reason to waste he skin… And sheering a sheep doesn’t have to hurt the animal. It depend on how it is done so assuming all wool is cruel is a mistake.

    • Much of the merino wool obtained from the factory farms is obtained cruelly. Although I agree that it doesn’t necessarily have to hurt the animal. See my comment about Stella McCartney shearing her own sheep for her own fashion line. Stella does not hurt animals for fashion.

      • Stella McCartney is absolutely perfect. I love her passion for animals and her movement to stop high end fashion industries from using animals in their products. She is definitely my idol! It’s a shame people continue wearing animals everyday. Please educate yourselves about this industry 🙂

  15. Hello,
    I am just curious where you found the info on

    I just want to be sure they are a sweat-shop free company.

  16. How about telling the truth? Sheep aren’t killed for the purpose of making boots – they are killed for human consumption – the sheepskins are a by-product of the meat industry. So I hope all of you people up in arms over this are vegetarians. Otherwise, you’re just a bunch of hypocrites!

    • So I assume you don’t wear any wool sweaters either. Or as I mentioned eat any of the meat that is processed from the slaughter of these sheep. Boycotting UGGS doesn’t solve the issue – nor does laying it all at their feet , other industries are involved. If you want to solve the problem try going to the direct source. PETA should get their facts correct before slandering companies.

  17. Do you ever fact check a single solitary thing? Where do I even start on that video, Australia is not short of space, ask a rancher. If its Australia, why are they all Asian? Where are your footnotes? How many million did you say? If you don’t like the thought of killing animals then don’t eat any and don’t wear any. Stop lying? Thanks. Btw there are tons of sheep where I live and my step mum worked on a sheep farm in Australia. A guy had a full time job riding a motorbike to find the sheep because they had so much space.

  18. “However, similar to the sourcing of leather, sheep-skin is a by-product of processing sheep for human consumption; sheep are not killed for their skins. Because it is a by-product, the supply of sheep-skin is limited by the number of sheep processed for the meat industry. The rise in the popularity of Ugg boots has been the “driving force” in recent shortages, which have seen sheep-skin prices from 2010 to 2012 increase by up to 80%.”

    The rest of the same paragraph from the Wikipedia entry that was sourced in this article. The distribution of the skin is limited by meat production. If the skin was not used, it would have gone to waste.

    Also, UGGs EXPLICITLY advertises its boots as sheepskin. It even says in the packaging that the boots come in. It really grinds my gears as to how anyone who buys a pair of UGGs can be so surprised and appalled when the boots were obviously advertised as sheepskin boots.

  19. As well, the UGGs official website lays out that it only receives its sheepskin from ethically responsible sources. They ensure that the farm does not practise mulesing.

    If you are skeptical about this claim, then by the same logic you should be also skeptical about any factory that claims to be 100% sweatshop-free. Both points are claims made by a private company trying to sell their products.

    I respect your choices to make more conscious decisions that you believe to be right, but it is good to think critically about them. The fact that the claim that the “sweatshop-free” synthetic materials company makes is concurrent with your own beliefs, doesn’t mean that you should blindly accept it and the present it to others as fact.

    This is just my 2 cents on everything.

  20. I’m sorry, but in order for any post to be credible, there should be sources cited that point to where information, including media and statistics, were retrieved from. I see none, therefore I have no idea whether or not to believe these statistics.

  21. I am not advocating cruelty or using animals for food or clothing. However, this article contains factual and logical errors that are beyond irritating. Uggs and similar sheepskin boots were widely popular in Southern California pre-Baywatch. They have a long history, back to the 1960’s, and even earlier, in places like Australia. Wool, when wet, still keeps the wearer warm. This made Uggs a popular choice among surfers who, well aware that they were wearing actual sheepskin, appreciated the fact that slipping their wet feet into these boots would keep them warm directly out of the cold ocean. If people, like Pamela Anderson, are too stupid to realize that the clearly visible suede exterior and woolly interior of these boots are actually made of dead sheep, I am not sure what to say. Removing sheepskin only happens after sheep are dead. Your article makes it sound as if this is not the case. Are Deckers skinning live sheep? Yes, from an animal rights perspective, killing animals for any reason and in any context is unethical. However, there are distinct differences between inhumane (painful and cruel) and humane (minimizing or eliminating distress and pain) ways to kill animals. Your article makes it seem as if there is something uniquely and excessively “inhumane” going on with the production of these specific shoes, more so than with other businesses. I am not sure why this company’s practice is any different than any other animals used for food or clothing and why you have chosen to arbitrarily target this company. Your argument is based on the premise that people only wear Uggs for fashion. If this is the case, then yes, synthetic substitutes would suffice. For those who wear Uggs as they were intended for their original use, utility and warmth, a redesign would mandate a change their entire product and require re-engineering their boots with synthetic insulating materials. I doubt your current approach at advocacy will be effective. Although I support animals rights, you aren’t doing anyone a service with this article. It makes animal advocates look stupid, uneducated, and logically challenged.

    • Great response! I have been reading through dozens of webpages and the amount of misinformed people is remarkable and saddening. I love my uggs especially since they are the only boots I’ve ever owned that I could walk around in during the winter and not freeze. I actually think the boots are kind of unstylish but wear them anyway because of how warm my feet stay. I would like to also add in response to everyone getting mad at people who eat meat but do care that the animals are treated humanely that I am not saying you are wrong but from what I have learned everything has an effect, making synthetic materials effects some organism out there we just aren’t seeing it as soon as the material is made. I have seen countless weird looking animals that have had the chemicals that we (people in general) make cause them to develop abnormally but I’ve yet to see anyone fighting these causes. I may be wrong in saying this but I don’t believe we can mass produce anything without effecting some organism out there but unless the animal is cute it seems to me that very few care.

  22. I just got a pair of Boo Roo which are the better alternative to UGGs. Animal cruelty free, with a non animal option. They also are eco-friendly. Also when you buy a pair they give a meal to a family in need. They also donate to soup kitchens, and local communities.

  23. This is AWFUL, the things that people do for money! Never buying UGGS again and throwing the ones I have out!

  24. I have fake uggs and after reading this I will never own a pair of real uggs but I just wanted to know if the fake ugg brands like bearpaw use the sheep skin?

    • Hi Heather. Unfortunately, I have read that the Bear Paw brand uses skins also. I love my faux UGGs from the brand Neuaura which you could find online. I own two pairs of them and I love them!

  25. hi im alyssa and m only 15 and really wanted UGGS but now i just am really upset on how people treat the animals and how people can just like waring this stuff thank u for stating the truth about the UGGS

  26. Fyi coming from a sheep shearing family I have to say that sheep skin refers to the sheep coat. The wool is what many people refer to as sheep skin.

  27. You guys really need to stop with this nonsense. Do you not realize man has been killing animals and skinning them for years and years? This is how humans have survived. Sure I’m against human cruelty but these animals are being killed for food so instead of throwing the rest of the animal out they use up as much of the animal as they can. You’re posioning your minds and being brainwashed from videos. If you want to stop wearing and eating animals by becoming vegetarian/vegan it’s a very unhealthy lifestyle. We were not made to just eat plants you have supplement everything that you’re missing out on. I’m sure all of you have something that’s made from animals and don’t even realize it. So stop with this because without killing animals none of you would probably be here.

  28. Dear Debbie Sunshine,

    I read all of the comments and no one thoughts of this… What IF no one kill animals such as cows, sheep, pigs, etc… their population are growing double, triples… The question is what are YOU going to do with these animals on planet? The world’s 1.5 billion cows and billions of other grazing animals emit dozens of polluting gases, including lots of methane —–> 60% increasing in 2030.

    Second, what is the purpose of animals produce many offspring? What is it for?

    Third, this is a fantastic article about strict Jewish laws.

    • Jewish law prohibits causing unnecessary suffering to animals
    • Animals can be used to satisfy legitimate needs, like food and clothing
    • Pets are permitted, but cannot be physically altered, and may cause complications
    • Jewish law is compatible with a vegetarian diet, but involves some use of leather

    Fourth and last… I do NOT accept abusive on animals. Unacceptable. However, if doing the right way with respect and treat animals and seafood such as free-cage, free range roaming, like this in a Bible.

    Genesis 9:3 ESV
    Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

    • Tabatha Rose says:

      Who are we to make it our responsibility to control the population of anybody or anything? I’m sure other animals aren’t going around thinking “aw man, these humans are getting too out of control and using up all of our resources poisoning our planet we’ve got to stop them from reproducing.” That’s crazy.

  29. girlfriend stop says:

    Am I the only reader who finds it odd that the author is only advocating one brand of vegan shoes? If you love alternative outfitters, then why not suggest them? Only providing the name of one company, whose boots cost over $150 seems like advertising. I can do a google search and find way more sites i could suggest–and neuaura or whatever it is doesn’t come up once. Makes this article seem like an ad instead of an appeal.

    • This website promotes many, many, many vegan shoe brands…Beyond Skin, Cri de Coeuer, Tom’s vegan, Madden Girl, Neuaura, Olsen Haus, Melissa’s and many, many, many more!!!

  30. i love how everyone reads something on this one website, watches a video of images probably found on google and bing and everyone starts going absolutely mad. Get over it. The sheep was going to be slaughtered anyway and I’m sure all of you ARE NOT VEGAN. Take a chill pill because if you aren’t wearing uggs, you’re still wearing or using something that a HUMAN probably had to slave over in not so great conditions. So then what? Are we going to stop the production of those items and stop using them as well? There’s no satisfying you people.

  31. Hi Debby,

    I’m wondering how your Neuaura’s have held up since your post two years ago. I am considering buying a pair. I really do want a pair of ugg type boots but do not want to support animal cruelty as a vegetarian. The other reviews I read of Neuaura’s said that the boot and sole separated after about a year. Did you have that problem? I want to be sure of the quality before I shell out $165. Thank you!

    • Hi Mahogany!

      My Neuara boots held up perfectly, and I wore them a lot! No separation of the sole from the boot. It’s disappointing to hear about that, but my boots were and still are great! I think the quality is superb.

  32. There is obviously a great deal of comments about humans making an effort to live more consciously and informed. I am so happy to have found a site of a ‘fashionista’ in the real world making change and blogging about it. I have not read all the comments, but did get to the one that someone made about humane leather obtained from india from ‘cows dying naturally’. By NO MEANS am I on the attack, but I would like to inform everyone of the truth. I have been a vegetarian/dairy free for 25+ years but only more informed in the past few years- I thought as many do- that leather is a by product of the meat industry- that all the animals are used to the best extent- to be killed and ‘live’ in such disgusting conditions- SO THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME_ it is about INDIA- THEY ARE THE 3rd largest importer of leather and are BRUTAL to the cows- solely killed for the leather trade. AND No, thee are NOT cows that have peacefully died. I never knew this until recently- there is no other choice but to keep educating ourselves and those who want to live in a way that our children can emulate to bring about change….so PLEASE do not think that ‘cows are holy’ in INDIA-
    Please take a moment to educate yourselves on the industry of wearing animals- it is disgusting and painful to all living creatures- people to, as countries pollute waters with by product waste- BUT for the love of treating all with respect. STOP WEARING ANIMALS- they all have the same scope of emotions and feelings we do- it is NOT cool to ‘look’ fashionable at the expense of another
    s suffering!

    • Bravo Helen! Thank you for your comment from the bottom of my heart! xoxo

      • Tabatha Rose says:

        Hey there! I’m sure that most of us racked up on non-vegan items (leather, uggs, whatever) before we made the decision to go vegan or accidentally find ourselves buying products made with animal by products; just out of curiosity, do you find that it is most appropriate to keep these items seeing that they’ve already been purchased, or to get rid of them immediately in order to fully maintain a lifestyle of veganism?

        • Personally speaking, I think it’s okay to keep and use animal products which you purchased prior to becoming vegan. It’s truly a matter of personal choice. The fact that one decides from this day forward to make more compassionate choices is impressive and applaudable to me.

  33. boardergirl says:

    I just got a pair of bear paw boots, but after reading this article ( among others) Ithink I will be returning them. I want to get a more cruelty free boot, but I know for a fact my parents would not be willing to pay 165$ for boots. Do you have any less pricey recommendations?

  34. I love meat and leather. I’ve killed and skinned animals, and I don’t feel bad about it. However, Ugg boots are terribly UGGly. I can’t wait until this fad goes away (along with veganism).

  35. Is this even legal?! I mean seriously. I don’t understand why they would keep them in such poor conditions… How could people be so senseless? I could never live with myself if I did this. People have just lost all I their sense.

  36. Similar to ruminants, such as cattle and sheep, alpacas have only
    lower teeth at the front of their mouths; therefore, they do not pull grass up by the roots.

  37. The ugg boots are the best boots for kids, women, and men.

  38. Uggs are ugly but they look kinda cool when worn in an undone outfit.

  39. She has a new line of vegan boots so maybe that’s whats she may be wearing in photos.


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