Ethical Clothing For Men: Levi’s Faux Leather Trucker Hoodie, Alternative Apparel And More!

Image 8-15-13 at 11.08 PMHaving just completed a full day of back-to-college shopping with my 19-year old son, Alex, I am thrilled to report that we made some ethical purchases.

As we entered the men’s department of Bloomingdale’s in Garden City, New York, I felt my heart sink when Alex was immediately drawn to what appeared to be a men’s leather jacket with an attached hoodie. Before I could bat an eyelash, Alex removed the jacket from the hanger to try it on. I carefully inspected the jacket’s shell which seemed like real leather to me, and checked the inside label for verification before I denied my son the cool jacket (may I add that it was quite reasonably priced!).

Guess what? The cool jacket with the attached hoodie made by Levi’s was faux leather! And Alex looked so happy to be wearing it! The grey hoodie is attached to the faux leather shell, and cannot be removed. There are zippers on both the grey hoodie and the faux leather shell. Very cute!


IMG_1737Naturally, I bought the Levi’s Faux Leather Trucker Hoodie for Alex. Luckily, it was on sale that day but the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $180.00.

Here are some close-ups…

Levi's Faux Leather Trucker Hoodie (MSRP $150)

Levi’s Faux Leather Trucker Hoodie (MSRP: $180)

$T2eC16dHJG!E9nm3rIdEBRMt2dhYew~~60_12Alex was also drawn to the clothing by Alternative Apparel. I am a huge fan of Alternative Apparel’s clothing because they are so comfortable and soft, and the company has a strong commitment to being socially responsible. Alternative Apparel upholds ethical labor standards and makes their clothes with recycled and organic materials. They are also mindful of using eco-friendly wash and dye methods.

In addition to a few of Alternative Apparel’s tee shirts, Alex chose Alternative Earth’s Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie in Eco True Red. This Rocky Zip Hoodie comes in 12 colors. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $54.00.



Alternative Earth's Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie (MSRP: $54.00)

Alternative Earth’s Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie (MSRP: $54.00)

We also bought this great Left-Field Tee in the color Eco Cooper Tan

Alternative Earth's Left-Field Tee in Eco Cooper Tan (MSRP: $58.00)

Alternative Earth’s Left-Field Tee in Eco Cooper Tan (MSRP: $58.00)

logoAlex’s other favorite brand of clothing is Threads 4 Thought, another highly ethical company. Since Bloomingdale’s didn’t have their complete Fall line in yet, we didn’t make any Threads 4 Thought  purchases today. However, last year Alex chose these great pullover shirts which he enjoyed throughout the year. This is another company which I highly recommend, and you can find their clothing line at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s.


1017_heather_black_light_blue_l-12-150x150Click here to read my post about Threads 4 Thought and last year’s shopping day with Alex.

I was motivated to buy some ethical footwear for Alex too, but I think he had had enough shopping for one day. If I were to choose footwear for him, he would be wearing these Brighton’s from Macbeth footwear in Black/Cement

Brighton in Black/Cement from Macbeth Footwear ($65.00)

Brighton in Black/Cement from Macbeth Footwear ($65.00)

Or these Matthew Sneakers from Macbeth

Matthew Sneaker from Macbeth

Matthew Sneaker from Macbeth ($55.00)

Or these Brooklyn Boots from Vegetarian Shoes

Brooklyn Boots from Vegetarian Shoes ($149.95)

Brooklyn Boots from Vegetarian Shoes ($149.95)

These sneakers, shoes, and boots are available at Moo Shoes. Unfortunately, the “back-to-college” shoes he will choose has nothing to do with what I would pick, so I think I’ll have no choice but to be grateful for that faux leather jacket.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my little shopping spree with my son.

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  1. Ah, I’m so jealous that this is all men’s clothing… I love the styles and fabrics! That hoodie especially looks incredibly soft and comfortable. I would still be tempted to pick one up for myself.

    • Alternative Apparel happens to make those soft hoodies for women too! I love their clothes, and Threads 4 Thought also. You may have to do some shopping, Hannah!

    FOR MORE INFO:Mens Leather Jacket Sale

  3. Hi Debbie, what size of the leather jacket your Son tried on in the picture?. thank you!

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